This project was inspired by and named after writer and artist Chiang Yee's book series, "A Silent Traveller in...". Written between 1938-1950, this collection of travel books combines Mr. Yee's own watercolours and nuanced observations of the daily habits, customs, and rituals surrounding his cities of choice. By pairing text and textile together, I hope to equip a modern traveller with something to saviour as they make their way through the world.

The Silent Traveller pairs a vintage traveller's memoir with a lesiure-garment set: built to be a traveller's uniform, for sleep, play, working or exploring in, mental or physical travel.  Each instalment features a different memoir, selected from my personal collection, and a corresponding garment set, thus the project grows over time as an ongoing library of uniforms and books.  The Silent Traveller sets come with the original vintage hardback book. 




The Silent Traveller I

 Traveller's Pyjamas: A Silent Traveller in London


The Silent Traveller II   (Forthcoming Spring 2017)

Traveller's Wear: I Married Adventure