An archive of garments, built entirely by hand, one of a kind, to live with or to live in; each coat a remnant of the act of turning material into thread into textile into carved cocoon.

Thousands of lines - hand spun thread - are warped, measured, braided, and prepared for weaving on a tall, broad wooden floor loom.  This braided chain of threads makes its way through my hands as I roll and stretch out each line, forming the backbone of the textile.

These threads are then woven together through a solitary and ritual-like process that is formed line by line. It is a physically intensive process, a rhythmic act of dancing-drawing-building.  The result of this act - a woven web - is then introduced to water baths until the warp and weft threads finally become one.  This piece is then draped, cut and stitched by hand. Over one hundred hours are required for each piece.