Handwoven silk coat with irregular checks. Woven from a striped warp, checks in varying widths form whilst weaving, made by shifting from white to brown silks every nine to ten lines. This special silk was spun for me in Kyoto, Japan where the spinners left the silk in a more natural, uneven state. This makes the silk feel like plant fiber, similar to ramie or linen. I have blended natural white with golden brown silk that has been dyed using the astringent juice of persimmon fruit. This is a traditional Japanese dying method and it allows the dyed silk to grow beautifully darker as it ages.

Once the thread is spun, it arrives on a cone, where I then wind and measure it into a long, braided warp for the loom. I then work with this material over two weeks, taking it from thread to cloth to garment in a ritual-like process. One of a kind, unisex, voluminous and oversized. 

Please email for availability and further information (info@amyrevier.com)